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"Unity, Liberty, Equality"

Kenyataan akhbar sempena ulangtahun pertama penubuhan Malayan Democratic Union (MDU) pada 21 Disember 1946.

On this, the occasion of the first anniversary of the founding of the Malayan Democratic Union, permit me to offer the President, the Executive Committee and members my cordial congratulations, coupled with the earnest prayer that the Union, which occupies a unique position in this country in that it embraces all race, will have a giant growth as an organisation pledged to help to bring to fruition the ideal of a democratic self-government in a United Malaya, in which the different racial elements comprised in its domiciled population shall be ensured equality of status and rights.

Emancipation from oppressive conditions, whether they be political, social, or economic can only be won at the price of personal endeavour. National progress must be attained by definitely organised and carefully concerted endeavour. Success needs to be achieved – it cannot be granted or conferred.

Unless every one in a population regards not only his selfish interests but also concerns himself with his share of the collective interest, self-government or good government is not possible.

We have set a movement on foot at aiming at winning our freedom by making Malaya one country and one nation with a common destiny for its peoples animated by a spirit of brotherhood and active co-operation for mutual help and benefit in all spheres of life. There is no other alternative if we Malayans of all races are intent upon facing reality and securing the supreme political goods of liberty and justice.

Trade, travel, migration and intercourse of all kinds being of the very texture of human life on this planet throughout the history of mankind, there is no such thing even in the modern world as a homogenous national state.

Further, the geographical position of Malaya, a rich and underpopulated land with easy reach of the overcrowded countries of China, India and Java, has made a mixed population inevitable.

Even in a mixed population the different communities, while being politically united, can maintain their own intellectual, cultural and spiritual life.

A political philosopher has affirmed that in a population of mixed communities if the Government assigns no privilege to any one of them and chooses its instruments indifferently from all; in the course of a few generations, identity of situation often produces harmony of feeling and the different races come to feel towards each other as fellow countrymen; particularly if they are dispersed over the same tract of country.

So Malaya can become one country and one nation if the right principles and policy are followed, and the three principles by which we stand may be condensed in the motto ‘Unity, Liberty and Equality.’

In concrete form the three fundamental principles resolve themselves into, firstly
(a) a United Front of Malayan peoples based on inter-communal concord and joint action; and
(b) the political unification of the whole of Malaya, inclusive of Singapore, as a unitary state in all essential respects under one central government;
secondly, a measure of self-government, providing for
(a) a Central Legislature of a United Malaya with substantial elected unofficial majority; and
(b) the exercise of the executive power by a Ministry responsible to the Legislature and all matters of internal and civil administration;
and thirdly, the equality of status and rights for all those who regard Malaya as their real homeland and the object of their single-minded devotion and loyalty.

Responsibility to the governed is the greatest of all securities for good Government.

Malayans of all races! Unite to achieve “Merdeka” or freedom – for only in unity lies our salvation.

Di atas merupakan kenyataan yang ditulis oleh Tan Cheng Lock sempena ulangtahun pertama penubuhan Malayan Democratic Union (MDU) pada 21 Disember 1946. Kenyataan ini telah diterbitkan sepenuhnya dalam akhbar The Malaya Tribune bertarikh 16 Disember 1946 di bawah tajuk "Malayans - Unite To Achieve Merdeka (Freedom) - Stand By 3 Principles of Unity, Liberty, Equality".

Enam hari selepas kenyataan ini keluar, pada 22 Disember 1946, Pan-Malayan Council of Joint Action (PMCJA) telah ditubuhkan untuk membantah Perlembagaan Federation, di mana Tan Cheng Lock telah dijemput untuk menjadi Pengerusi.

Sumber: Akhbar The Malaya Tribune, 16 Disember 1946

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

unity band? not in Malaysia yet, when will that be? until such time all things are equal, I supposed.
unity bent? unity ban?

MakLijah berkata...

Fahmi Reza. I don't know what to say.. but THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the documentary.

Fantastic job.. brought me to tears. I'm kind of speechless right now, so can't really say much but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Edwin MrSinister berkata...

According to the short film. to my understanding, it means that 10 years before "MERDEKA" there is no racism or what soever, because everybody is standing as one to fight for the constituition.