Khamis, November 15, 2007

"Demonstrasi bukan amalan demokrasi rakyat negara ini?" (9)

Berikut merupakan laporan demonstrasi anti-Federation yang keluar dalam akhbar The Malaya Tribune bertarikh 28 Disember 1946.


When the leftwing Malay Nationalist Party held their second Congress in Malacca this week, they protested against the federation plan, and over a hundred delegates from all over Malaya, staged a demonstration by conducting a mammoth procession through the town.

This picture taken during the protest-march shows men and women carrying banners one of which reads: "Zalim itu binasa" (Injustice is ruination).

Another picture of the Malay demonstration in Malacca against the Federation plan

Sumber: Akhbar The Malaya Tribune, 28 Dis 1946

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