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Kronologi Sejarah: 1945

15 Ogos 1945
Tamat Perang Dunia Kedua, berakhirnya pendudukan Jepun di Malaya. Bermulanya British Military Administration (BMA) di Malaya dan Singapura

3 Sept 1945
Tentera British mendarat di Penang

10 Okt 1945
British umumkan Rancangan Malayan Union. 9 negeri Melayu dan 2 negeri Selat disatukan di bawah Malayan Union. Singapura dijadikan koloni berasingan

17 Okt 1945
Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM) ditubuhkan di Pejabat akhbar Suara Rakyat, di Ipoh, Perak oleh Ahmad Boestamam, Mokhtaruddin Lasso, Baharuddin Tahir, Dahari Ali, Abdullah CD, Arshad Ashaari, Rahman Rahim, Swito, Ibrahim Karim, Dzulkifli Ownie, Musa Ahmad, Abdul Samad

18 Okt 1945
Sir Harold MacMichael tiba di Malaya untuk mengutip tandatangan 9 Raja-raja Melayu bagi menyerahkan kuasa pemerintahan negeri-negeri Melayu kepada British

30 Nov 1945
Kongres Pertama PKMM di Ipoh, Perak

21 Dis 1945
Malayan Democratic Union (MDU) ditubuhkan di Singapura oleh Philip Hoalim Sr., Lim Kean Chye, Lim Hong Bee dan John Eber

21 Dis 1945
Setiap Raja-raja Melayu telah memeterai perjanjian baru dengan British untuk membentuk Malayan Union

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

In 1957, Malaysia had the second biggest per capita income after Japan, but now we are at the tail end among the front-rank developed nations in Asia.

In 2005, Malaysia's per capita income increased by only 17 times from 1967, as compared to South Korea which increased 100 times. Taiwan 60 times, Hong Kong 40 times and Singapore 45 times.

Malaysia is far richer in natural resources than the other countries. Singapore for example has no forests, oil, palm oil, rubber, etc.

The difference is in the development and utilisation of human resources. Malaysia has failed to make full use of the human resources in the country.

The statistics indicate that Malaysia was competitive with the other countries up to 1967. Thereafter, the Asian tigers like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan leapt forward to lofty heights.

In 1966, the bumi policy was formally announced as a policy and in 1971, the New Economic Policy was launched. The various measures and regulations from these two policies slowed down economic growth considerably. Traders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, medium and small industries were put off by these policies.

The reaction of international countries was negative, and many investors shied away from Malaysia. Foreign direct investments declined considerably to US$3.9 billion in 2006, whereas Asean countries had FDI of US$30 billion for Singapore, US$7.9 billion for Thailand, US$10 billion for Vietnam. China had US$70 billion FDI in that year.

The NEP which compels reservation of 30% for malays in all economic activities has dampened investment interests of both local and foreign investors.

With the launching of liberalisation policies in 1978, China leapt forward and it is on the way to become a world economic power by 2030.

Malaysia too must implement global policies like liberalisation of all economic functions. Bumiputraism and the New Economic Policy are outdated measures, and must be replaced by more enlightened and pragmatic measures.

If Barisan stubbornly clings to old baggage policies, then it can be predicted that Malaysia's per capita income will continue to lag behind the Asian tigers.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Merdeka Day is a day of shame especially on this 50th Merdeka Day. On this day you have to compare how a successful country like Singapore has done everything right and why Malaysia has done everything wrong.

On this day you will wonder why are we not better off if we are still under the British, I can assure you - we do not fall into what we are today. On this day everyone especially Sabah and Sarawak should be reminded that they should not join Malaysia in the first place.

If you ask me how great are the Umno. I would say they are shameless people just like some Ang Mok who drop their pants for all to see.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

With such a corrupted and incompetent government in power now, who want to celebrate the 50th national day? We should mourn the beginning of the death of Malaysia instead.

To Pak Lah and all others, please wake up! Enough is enough! If you cannot perform, please go and let other able men to take over, it is so simple. But where to find able men from this bunch of BN joker ministers?

Umno will never learn nor accept the truth, their only concern is: Power is money - money is power. They will never walk the talk and will never admit the wrong they had created.

When the country has been hijacked by a political party for its top members, waving the country flag is like waving the party flag. I will not do it.

For some reason, I don't feel like flying the flag too. It is like I am not even proud to identify myself a Malaysian - knowing how bleak the future of our nation with our current leaders and those "heir apparent".

The socio-political mood in the country has not changed much from a decade ago. What a shame! (They are cheats, lowlifes, plunderers……….yes!)

We cannot trust politicians to take proper care of the country and its ordinary people. Let us draw a line here and learn from our past mistakes and move Malaysia forward together.

Independence? What independence! We were freed from the British 50 years ago. But we were ruled by apartheid-typed leaders from our own Malaysia, which I think is worse.

These are all bull shit. We do not need to accept all this Umno shit. Let them fight among themselves. One day, there will be a new story and another a newer one through the wits of reckless creatures aiming for the adulterous seat. The country has no place for these hooligans who do not have Malaysia in their hearts.

I just hope that it is not too late before general election comes. Voting to a certain extent is still a passive role. We need to rekindle the same love for Malaysia as our forefathers.

The racial and religious tensions in Malaysia have to get worse first before getting better. Some things have to hit the wall hard first before most people come to their senses.

If the "leaders" of the day have the political will, then the situation may be remedied to a certain extent. Unfortunately none of them do, as they have selfish and vested interests. We are heading for this wall faster than ever.

Those who swallowed the wealth of nation are the ones who do not love the country. The rest are loving the country. Flying the flag is no longer needed.

I should complain about our country that spent so much money in celebrating every year. There are too many national celebrations in Malaysia. This is no more than wasting money.

Our country is so divided now than ever in our history. There is no more unity and the malays are getting more and more arrogant. Their leaders don't give a damn what they say to their followers as long as it wins them some popular votes.

Our leaders lack calibre and direction. Our nation is heading for a difficult period and it will take a lot of effort to unify our various races.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The BN politicians do not differentiate between what is kerajaan and negara. Corrupted leader which form the kerajaan (government) is a traitor to its negara (country).

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The reason is to help malays so that they can be at par with other races. They get all this sorts of privileges and advantages that in the end it all goes down to drain just like that. Scholarships, 7% discount on properties purchase, matriculations, Mara and the list just goes on.

Well, I did agree at first with this. But hang on, 2007-1957 is 50 years and that is like 2 generations of human beings……….what happen now? Are they at the same level with other races? In a way yes, but every way is no. I do not think so.

Malays take all these advantages as their rights and not as a stepping-stone for them to move forward. The question is how long more do they need the government to support and feed their mouth?

If you ask me that, I'd say that they need not even a single second more for all the privileges that they have. 50 years is more than enough for them to realize that they need to change.

Can someone please tell me which race in Malaysia that top the chart in drug addiction? Can someone please tell me which race in Malaysia that is in the 'deans list' for raping, illegal racing and gangsterism?

If that is what the privileges do to them, perhaps we should give them more privileges so the malays who do that will just extinct in this world leaving only the 'enlightened' one.

While the malays are 'bestowed' with all the privileges, other races are working hard to change their fate themselves, realising that the government places a greater emphasis only on malays. I have seen this and I speak from experiences.

While the non-malays are working hard, the malays are lazing around because they know that government will back them up. Well, which one do you think will excel more? The one that has no advantages but work hard or the one that has all the advantages but do nothing?

I did not say that they are all like that. Some do take full use of the advantages and they really excel. As a malay, I guess that they need to learn the hard way like other races do. Give them what they deserve or distributed the resources equally.

Am I one of them? I guess I compete fairly in my study. I refuse to go to boarding school when I get the offer and I am thankful for that. Boarding school only narrows your scope of thinking because you are just interacting with the malays.

I wholeheartedly agree with the real meritocracy effort by the government. Learn the hard way man! Feel free to share them with your friends (however be careful) and am willing to opine more.

I believe it is possible to get your message across without having to resort to name-calling. Let us not be racist for the sake of Malaysia and its people, no matter how much we resent some of the government policies that have impacted our lives.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Isn't a shame to call it Islamic when the entire Umno regime is corrupted to the core and acts with impunity as though there is no God.

I would say Kelantan is more Islamic than the entire Umno regime.

This Umno regime violates every single injunction of God.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The truth hurts.

The Chinese or the yellow race is what brings progress. Just look at Asia……….is enough.

Whether they do it internationally or locally they will survive.

We can distinctly see the lowering of Malaysia standards of living as the percentage of Chinese in this country goes down.

In the 70s we were tops with 40 over percent of Chinese and today with only 25 percent we are far behind Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

Main reason is the number of such Chinese migrating to these countries - the best ones and rich ones.

Next ten years as the percentage goes even lower, we would be nearing Indonesia or Philippines.

Meanwhile enjoy your stay and the good time.

On the whole as the Chinese spreads out throughout the world, the average standards of these will have much higher standards of living over others.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

We are reminding Najib and Mahathir about this, that Malaysia is not an Islamic state and it is not in a social contract.

Malay Sakai, so please tell Badawi about it. Umno has always threatened the non-malays with riots and chaos. Nobody in Malaysia has started riots and chaos except for Umno.

Umno has a deep rooted tradition of starting riots and chaos when every time they can't debate sensibly.

The social contract is there alright and many do not question it. But is the social contract followed according to the spirit or hijacked to the benefit of a few?

Just look at the number of huge projects that has failed is proof enough. Yet these are treated like normal - part of everyday happening.


All the social contract talk does not hold any water, when you have people in power, namely Umno abusing their power. In fact, they are indirectly telling you, that they have the right to abuse the power. Is this fair? Of course it is unfair. You don't even need a social contract to tell you whether it is fair or not.

Social contract didn't say that Malaysia is an Islamic state. On the contrary the social contract expressly stated that Malaysia was and is not an Islamic state.

Now the deliberate misinterpretation, apparently accepted by Umno, is that Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak) is an Islamic state!

Sabah and Sarawak would never have joined Malaysia if they had known that Malaysia will be deemed an Islamic state.

If the social contract meant that the non-malays would merely exchange the British masters for the malay masters, they would never have agreed to join the malays for independence.

What is the difference of having the British lording over the non-malays and having the malays doing the same to the non-malays! Probably worse. At least, the British had some respect for fairness while the malays have none!

So to get independence, the malays needed the non-malays. Without the non-malays agreement, the British would not have granted independence. So, is that not also part of the social contract? It is not a one-sided malay right. The malays would not be where they are without the non-malays.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

The most popular subject for jokes in Malaysia is the prime minister. That is all that he is good for.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Malaysia export electronic goods, furniture, oil, palm oil, rubber, textile, timber……….and multi-lingual human talents.

There is nothing wrong with those who choose to stay overseas. As highlighted in my view, even my best mate and the best man for my wedding has sown roots in Singapore - I definitely don't "begrudge" him for that.

To me, do not begrudge them who are justly reaping the fruit of their hard labour and paying back a debt to the hand which fed them. It is very difficult to continue to love your motherland which does not love you in return.

There is nothing wrong with having different philosophies in life and taking the route that best fit those philosophies.

And what facilities (hardware and software) do we have to offer? Besides, what financial package could local varsities offer? Last but not least, the factor of critical mass. Can someone find the like-minded colleague to pursue what he is researching right now?

I have heard those "Malaysia Truly Asia" commercials on CNN over and over. I always felt the slogan was rather fishy. But you have supplied important details about matters that I only had a vague awareness of.

Why don't you do something to challenge the slogan? After all, Malaysia is discriminating against people of the two main nations in Asia, China and India. How dare the Malaysia government claim to represent the true Asia?

There is a theory say that Malaysia may suffer in 50 years time because all the best brains will leave the country once and for all because of the affirmative policies. Brain drain still takes place even today and tomorrow, and forever as long as the government protect particular industry and particular race.

If the theory is correct (time will tell), then the so-called world class universities will stay as dream forever. To be world class, there should be 100% open policy with fair play field.

To sum up the things, the affirmative policies should go. However it won't take place very soon or even be forever.

Bolehland is still in denial syndrome.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Country IQ (2006)

Hong Kong 108
Singapore 108
North Korea 106 (Dictatorial Regime)
South Korea 106
Japan 105
Peoples Republic of China 105 (Communism)
Republic of China 105
Italy 102
Iceland 101
Mongolia 101

Very interesting - the entire top 7 slots are occupied by yellow skins.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

To get ahead in the world today, China has taken steps to encourage its citizens to master English and the Chinese are taking it like fish to water. Likewise, the Americans have no choice but to master Mandarin.

Bill Gates and Steven Jobs have already said that the first wave of the Internet language is almost over, i.e. English. It is time to prepare for the second wave, Mandarin.

And what do we have here? Still hanging on to the notion that Bahasa Melayu is the lingua franca of the world even as events are unfolding before their very eyes that thousands upon thousands of graduates could not get employed because of their inability to grasp the English language.

Where is the pragmatism for change? Even the hardcore communists like the Chinese have to finally gave in, swallow their pride and do what is best for the nation. Today, they call the shots and America has to kowtow to them. China does not need a military adventure but an economic one will do just fine. From the looks of it, our people here will never go for a change. The mathematics and science in English is nothing more than a cosmetic change.

It is a funny world we live in. The Americans and British are falling over each other to master Mandarin, and the Chinese are learning English at a rapid pace. And here what are we doing? Learning our Bahasa Melayu. Good luck Malaysians. Won't be long we will all be left behind.

Our politicians think there is something to gain from making racial and religious statements at the great expense of Malaysia and its ordinary people.

Sadly, they are right and have been very successful to achieve their narrow, personal and selfish aims. Enormous damage has been done to the social cohesion and development and progress of the country. It is so sorry to see them lagging further and further behind as a result of their inferiority complex. It is more sorry to see that they can trade the future of this country with their inferiority complex.

What is their definition of integrity? What is morality? What is patriotism? What is……….

Generations have been brought up with this totally unacceptable and unhealthy environment. It would take generations to heal and resolve this damage.

This bumis/non-bumis dichotomy is a well-entrenched policy which is here to stay for a long long time and eventually lead the country to ruin.

Face it, the easy part of it can be done is removing the legal discrimination, the damage is so overdone now, it may take forever to change the cultural discrimination that has been infused.

Having said that, money has to be spent on education. Only with world-class education and grasp of the global world can we have better ties with other countries. This will invariably lead to a robust knowledge based economy and more business opportunities.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

memang kita tengah sarat sekarang. politik jadi komoditi berniaga. tak kira bangsa atau ugama. soalnya apa langkah yang perlu kita buat. menolak nolak dan menidak hak masih bukan jawapan. ...bertindak atau tidak itu soalnya ... kata Shakespeare. young intelectual kita di mana. salam sengat sembilang