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8 Program MDU (1945)

A new body called the ‘Malayan Democratic Union’ has been formed. Never has the time been more appropriate for the formation of a united representative body which can truly express the real sentiments of the Malayan people.

For far too long, Malaya has been a political backwater divorced from the march of events in the world. A policy for hiding one’s head in the sand coupled with repressive measures against progressive elements in this country has resulted in appalling ignorance and poverty; and this in a country rich in natural resources and ability.

But under the stress and strain of the second world war and the terror of the Japanese occupation all races and classes of the Peninsula have awakened to the word ‘politics’. Malayan political consciousness, dormant before the war, has now developed and seeks expression and outlet. Everyone realises now that politics is part and parcel of our daily lives and must be understood and applied and not something to be dismissed with a sneer. Things which apparently do not concern us do concern us and materially affect our way of living. The was has taught people all over the world that they must not be ostriches in the world desert. Like people in Europe we Malayans realize that life and country cannot be left to chance, but should be intelligently directed to advantage.

There is a great need for a proper organ which can express the sentiments and the needs of the man-in-the-street, an organisation which can unite all races on a common programme of comprehensive political and social reform. The ‘Malayan Democratic Union’ therefore stands for the following programme and needs your support to carry out this programme:

1. Self-government for Malaya within the British Commonwealth of Nations.

2. Legislative Assembly for Malaya composed of freely elected representatives of the people.

3. Votes for all Malayan citizens above the age of 21 years irrespective of race, sex, religion or property.

4. Complete freedom of person, speech, Press and meeting.

5. Educational reform including free elementary, secondary and technical education for all.

6. A social security scheme including free medical services throughout Malaya.

7. Improved standard of life for all.

8. Complete equality in the employment of Malayans and removal of colour restrictions.

Sumber: 'The Malayan Democratic Union Manifesto', 8 Dis 1945.

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