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Penubuhan Pan-Malayan Council of Joint Action (22 Dis 1946)

Berikut merupakan laporan penubuhan Pan-Malayan Council of Joint Action (PMCJA) dalam akhbar The Malaya Tribune bertarikh 23 Dis 1946, sehari sebelum isi kandungan cadangan Perlembagaan Federation yang disusun secara tertutup dan rahsia oleh Kerajaan Kolonial British, Raja2 Melayu dan UMNO diumumkan kepada rakyat.


Kuala Lumpur, Sunday - A joint organization was formed here today representing all shades of political opinion in the country outside the Malay Rulers and the United Malay National Organization who alone were consulted in the drafting of the new constitutional proposals for Malaya scheduled to be published on Tuesday.

The task of the new body is to crystallize the views of all communities in regard to the new constitution, and then make recommendations to the Government as regards any additions, or deletions or amendments which may be thought necessary to safeguard the interests of those bodies represented on the council.

The council is to be known as the Pan-Malayan Council of Joint Action. It was formed at a conference of various organizations held at the headquarters of the Malay Nationalist Party here today. Its membership for the present includes Mr. Tan Cheng Lock, the Malay Nationalist Party, the Malayan Democratic Union, the Pan Malayan Federation of Trade Unions, the Clerical Unions of Singapore, Penang, Malacca, Selangor and Perak, the Indian Chambers of Commerce of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, the Singapore Tamils Association, the Women’s Federation of Singapore and Selangor, and the Singapore Chinese Association.

At today’s conference, Mr Tan Cheng Lock was elected Chairman of the Council.

The Conference resolved to cable the Secretary of State for Colonies and the Acting Governor-General informing of the formation of the new Council and urging them to recognize as the only representative body with which H.M. Government may negotiate with a view to amending the constitution in accordance with the wishes of that part of the populace that has not been consulted so far.

It was also decided to request such bodies as are not members of the Council now to register themselves as members without delay so that its voice will be more effectively heard in the higher councils.

Meanwhile the Department of Public Relations is busy finalizing arrangements for the simultaneous publications of the new constitutional proposals throughout the country on Tuesday morning. Translations of the document in the various vernaculars are also said to be ready for distribution. The police have taken elaborate precautions to prevent any premature leakage of the document. Both at the Government Press where it was printed and at the office of the Public Relations Department stringent measures have been taken to keep the document a closely guarded secret until the date of publication.

It is generally expected here that in the coming weeks of intense political activity and negotiations with Government, the Council of Action formed at today’s conference will play a very vital role as the mouthpiece of a large part of the Malayan population.

Sumber: Akhbar The Malayan Tribune, 23 Dis 1946

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