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PKMM Bidas Dato' Onn

Berikut merupakan kenyataan media yang dikeluarkan oleh PKMM seminggu sebelum penubuhan PUTERA, beserta cadangan² mereka untuk perlembagaan baru Malaya.

Dato’ Onn Accused Of Preaching Racial Discord

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb. 15. – The Malay Nationalist Party is to intensify its Malaya-wide campaign for the jettisoning of the new Constitutional Proposals and the formulation of a democratic constitution for Malaya. This is disclosed in a press statement issued by the Headquarters of the Malay Nationalist Party last night.

Referring to Dato’ Onn’s recent speeches at Batu Pahat and Serkam, the statement charges the UMNO leader with preaching communal disharmony.

The following is the statement:-

There have been wide and strong protests against the 12-man committee Constitutional Proposals because the people are quite clear now that the Proposals are aimed at the introduction of a retrograde and undemocratic government with no real intention to give self-government to the people. Despite promises by the Government to bestow self-government to Malaya no concrete steps have been taken so far. Under pretensions that the Constitutional Proposals are leading to self- government, the Government is actually playing the old colonial policy under a new guise and nothing more.

A careful study of the Proposals will reveal that there is not the slightest sincerity to implement self-government, a government really responsible to the people. The Government even tries to demur the citizenship issue, the official language is still English and Singapore is cut away from Malaya. So where lies the test for self-government?

The Government had promised to consult widely with the people after the release of the 12-man committee Constitutional Proposals. But what has the Government done now? Instead of bravely and directly consulting the people, it has nominated a Consultative Committee to bar our way. The people have to present their views through this obstacle of a committee. What earthly right have they to deprive and obstruct our rights to direct negotiations? One really suspects if the Government really wants to consult the people at all?

Lately, inspired by the action of the MNP at its second congress at Melaka, the Malays everywhere are forming joint protests councils. The Malays are quickly realising the real situation now which had been cleverly hidden away from them. Even after Dato’ Onn’s frantic arguments and threats at the UMNO conference held in Kedah, some amendments were yet made on the Constitutional Proposals. The infantile and dangerous arguments used by Dato’ Onn that the Malays are not ready for self-government and so on unmasked his so-called patriotism to the Malay raayat.

Exasperated by the rapid awakening of the Malay raayat, especially of their genuine patriotism, Dato’ Onn lost control of himself. In this speech at Batu Pahat and Serkam lately, he started to preach communal disharmony as the President of the Lembaga Kesatuan Melayu Johore, Engku Abdullah bin Omar had pointed out. He also let loose a tirade against the MNP saying that the MNP leaders are a group of hot headed youth who had co-operated with the Japanese with intentions of discrediting the MNP and disrupting the struggle for freedom and democracy.


May we ask Dato’ Onn what was he doing during the Japanese regime? Did he co-operated with of fight against the Japanese? Does Dato’Onn know that one of the founders of the MNP who was the first President, Mr. Mokhtaruddin, was resistance leader and fought against the Japanese. Does Dato’ Onn care to investigate that the MNP leaders have held or are holding various responsible posts such as journalists, magistrates, inspectors of schools, writers, religious leaders etc? Dato’ Onn also bragged of his leadership in the Anti-White Paper Campaign, but what is the result of his work? It is quite obvious to the masses now that Dato’ Onn was in fact not really working for the cause of the masses.

We shall continue to call for universal mass meetings to demand for real democratic self-government for the people and to protest against the undemocratic and retrograde constitution as tabulated in the Constitutional Proposals of the 12-man committee. We shall also demand for the immediate dissolution of the Consultative Committee and that the Government consult the people representatives directly.


We take this opportunity of the visit of Mr. Ivor Thomas to acquaint him with our proposals for a democratic and new Malaya.

  1. A United Malaya including Singapore
  2. A populatly elected Central Government and popularly elected State councils
  3. The people to have a national flag and a national anthem
  4. Malay to be the official language
  5. Malay Sultans to have real sovereign power responsible to the people through popularly elected Councils
  6. The Constitution for New Malaya must provide special privileges for the advancement of the Malays politically, economically and educationally
  7. Malay customs and religion to be fully controlled by the Malay people through special councils
  8. Equal citizenship rights for all those who make Malaya as their permanent home and the object of their undivided loyalty

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Sumber: Akhbar The Malaya Tribune, 15 Feb 1947

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